PURPOSE – Growth through challenge in a safe, mutually supportive environment, We Make Self-Improvement a Team Sport.

MISSION – (how we accomplish the purpose)– We strive to be integral with our member’s ability to Establish, Achieve, and Exceed goals. We build our foundation on a steadfast team ethos and culture. We attempt to ensure our members are challenged by themselves, their teammates, and our program, with an uncompromising eye towards safety. We always seek ways to improve ourselves and our program.

Here are some of the values our members feel they share at Thorbeckes CrossFit:
Team Values: Loyalty, Teamwork, Discipline, Goal Setting, Positivity, Mutual Support, Hard Work, Enthusiasm, Dedication to Improvement, Camaraderie, Friendship, Integrity, Safety, Community, Fun, Self-Improvement.

Our members describe the following as the ENEMY:
Laziness, Complacency, Fear of Failure, Unrealistic Expectations, Negativity, Ego, Weakness, the Lie of the Quick and Easy Path, Decrepitude, Boredom, stagnation, Injury