Wednesday, November 2nd
Friday, November 4th

Performance and Competition are in red

A) 5 sets of:
Snatch Balance x 1 reps (pause 3 full seconds in the bottom)
rest 90 seconds

Warm up and perform 5 tough singles of a Snatch Balance or Overhead Squat. If you newer to the movements then go with a slow Overhead Squat. 

B) 7 Minute AMRAP 
6 Pistols – 3/leg
6 Strict pull-ups
6 Assault calories

Rest 3 minutes

C) 7 Minute AMRAP
8 Kipping ring dips
8 Row calories
8 Dumbbell hang power clean 55/40 each hand

Rest 3 minutes 

D) 7 Minute AMRAP
10 High box jumps 30/24
10 Front Squats 155/115
10 Bar Facing Burpees

Start on any AMRAP you’d like.